Here's a few stats about Canada's first Idol.

Name: Ryan Malcolm
Age (at time of win): 23
Birthday: October 13, 1979
Sign: Libra
Hometown: Kingston, Ontario
Auditioned in: Ottawa
Contestant # 5183
Job before Canadian Idol: Waiter/singer
Other Hobbies: Songwriting, playing guitar, golf, skiing
Fan Club: The Malcolmaniacs
His own Canadian Idol: Mike Weir

Other Cool Stats
* Favorite types of music are rock, alternative and oldies
* Has been singing since the age of 12
* Took up guitar to improve his songwriting skills
* Is a fan of Avril Lavigne (they went to the same high school in Napanee)
* Almost didn't get to his audition (a friend got him there, and the rest is history)
* Is left-handed
* Compares himself to Dave Matthews
* Was considered the most consistent performer of the top 11 in the competition

Memorable Quotes
* "I see the headline: Waiter Boy Crowned Canadian Idol" (Zack Werner)
* "Are we still on? I guess I gotta sing now" (Ryan, not realizing he has to give his first performance as the Canadian Idol)