The Bergeronese Dictionary

The Gang of 12

What is Bergeronese you ask? It is simply defined as the term used to describe any lingo related to Hollywood Squares 98, and this is exactly what this is-a dictionary of Squares lingo, some are familiar while others are made up. Here are some terms, plus their definitions. Enjoy!

Hooey (a.k.a Blowing Smoke, Pulling a Pinocchio, etc.)
A star could be making up his/her answer, a "bluff"

"That Sound"
A fanfare of "cheesy" car horns which signals the end of the game

Mr. X/Miss Circle
The contestants on the show. While X is played by a male, O is played by a female

X-treme Attraction
Condition whenever Caroline Rhea finds herself attracted to a single, good-looking male contestant

Five Square
A way to win by capturing five squares on the board, giving the opponent no way to get three in a row. Also put into play when square counts are equal at 4 apiece (see Dual Implication)

Ciroman (Paul Crabbe gave me this one)
Whenever the female contestant goes crazy after winning an expensive prize in the bonus round

Unseen Rarity(ies)
The "lost episodes" of Hollywood Squares. Also refers to when the game ends in a tie

Verification from the Unknown
Whenever Tom has to get a verification from the "unseen judge"

X-cess Energy
Whenever the male contestant goes crazy after winning an expensive prize in the bonus round

Nudity Complex
When any star at any given time just HAS to take their clothes off (pants in particular)

Acrophobia Hypochondriac
When a top-row star complains about the altitude of his/her square

When a star says that he/she knows an answer, but decides to bluff on purpose

Tom's Mistake
Whenever Tom slips up at any time, and it becomes a running joke throughout the show

When one star insults another star's remark and has a good reason for it

Accent-idential Coverage
Tom's need to do foreign accents and impressions during a show

Whack Attack
A contestant disagrees with an obvious answer and pays the price by getting whacked with Tom's question card

The Stash
Where Tom keeps all his Secret Square questions. In Season 2, it's another name for the collection of Secret Square prizes

Opposite Capture
A wrong answer by one contestant results in the opponent capturing the square, unless it will give them the win (see Failed Block Rule)

Failed Block Rule (a.k.a. Earn it Yourself Rule)
If a contestant fails to block, the opponent can't win the square, he/she must earn it on their own, unless in a five-square situation (see Five Square)

The process of keeping your opponent from winning (see also Failed Block Rule)

Dual Implication
Forced when either contestant can win by capturing the same square (see also Five Square)

Song Complex
When any star feels that they need to burst into song for no apparent reason

When ANYBODY messes up ANYTHING!

Waist-Up Dancing
The process of "getting jiggy with it" without ever leaving your chair. Usually done during the theme song and at musical intervals between commercial breaks. Best done by Tom.

Tom's pet name for Whoopi. Also known as "Whoop"

America's Sweetheart
Tom's pet name for series regular Caroline Rhea. Was also referred to early in Season 2 as "North America's Darling" because of the fact that she's Canadian

Plum Out Of Time
The phrase Tom says on occasion when gameplay ends.

The name of Lewis and Clark's Indian guide that Tom mispronounced. Referred to by Al Roker as a type of Starbucks drink (see also Tom's Mistake)

Another word that Tom slipped up on (see also Sacajawa, Tom's Mistake)

Said when something isn't true (see Hooey)

Tolba Factor
When a contestant goes through a 5-day championship reign without losing a single game. Named after Tarek Tolba, the first to accomplish this feat

Curse of the Circle Chair
A losing streak consisting of those who have sat in the circle position

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