Hairspray is full of songs that will have you dancing in the aisles or feeling the struggles that the characters face. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman wrote such fabulous music, below is a list of all the songs featured in the film and the parts of the story they fall. There are also a few more trivia tidbits here too!

Main Songs
1. Good Morning Baltimore (Tracy)
Tracy introduces us to the city that she loves as she prepares for another school day

2. The Nicest Kids In Town (Corny and Council Kids)
An introduction to the show's charismatic host and its featured dancers

3. It Takes Two (Link)
A slow ballad performed on the episode Tracy and Penny watch together

4. The Legend of Miss Baltimore Crabs (Velma and Council Kids)
Tracy auditions for the show

5. I Can Hear The Bells (Tracy)
Tracy is smitten when Link notices her for the first time

6. Ladies' Choice (Link)
At the school record hop, Tracy's new dance moves catches the attention of Corny and lands her a spot as the newest Council Kid

7. The New Girl In Town (Amber, Shelley, Tammy and Dynamites)
A montage chronicling Tracy's meteoric rise to fame

8. Welcome To The 60s (Tracy, Edna and Dynamites)
Tracy successfully manages to get her agoraphobic mother out of the house to see how the world is changing

9. Run And Tell That (Seaweed, Inez and Detention Kids)
Seaweed and his friends tell Tracy, Penny and Link about their struggles

10. Big, Blonde and Beautiful (Maybelle)
Maybelle talks about her philosphy on life

11. Big, Blonde and Beautiful - Reprise (Velma and Edna)
In a scheme to get Tracy off the show, Velma tries to separate her parents by coming on to Wilbur and Edna catches them in the act

12. You're Timeless To Me (Wilbur and Edna)
Wilbur reconciles with Edna, causing their love to grow stronger than ever

13. I Know Where I've Been (Maybelle)
Maybelle and the black kids march through the streets of Baltimore in a fight for racial equality

14. Without Love (Link, Tracy, Seaweed and Penny)
Link comes to the realization that he loves Tracy, while Penny and Seaweed feel the same way about each other

15. It's Hairspray (Corny and Council Kids)
Corny croons during the Miss Teenage Hairspray competition

16. You Can't Stop The Beat (Entire Cast)
The cast celebrates the integration of the show, and Tracy and Link cement their budding romance with a kiss

End Credit Songs
Come So Far (But We've Go So Far To Go): Performed by Queen Latifah, Elijah Kelley, Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky
Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now: Performed by Nikki Blonsky, Ricki Lake and Marissa Jaret Winokur (with cameo by Harvey Fierstein)
Cooties: Performed by Aimee Allen

Trivia Tidbits
* "New Girl In Town" was originally written for the stage show, but was dropped and resurrected for the movie
* "Ladies' Choice" and "Come So Far" were written especially for the film
* Instrumentals of "Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now" and "Cooties" are featured in separate scenes

The cast record various vocal tracks in studio