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Official Sites

Official Eurovision Site

Official site of the European Broadcasting Union

Radio-Television Belge de la CommunautÚ Franšaise (Host broadcaster of ESC'87)

Fan/Information Sites

Diggiloo Thrush (ESC lyric site)

ESC Today (fan community)

ESCXtra (News site)

And The Conductor Is... (ESC conductors database)

Nul Points (Information, news and archival stats)

ESC Insight (News, podcasts and fan community)

ESCUnited (Fan community)

WiwiBloggs (ESC news with attitude)

ESC Plus (News site)

ESC Reporter (News site)

Media Sites

Official ESC YouTube channel

ESC Belgium: Channel 4

Personal Favorites

What The Broadcasting Legend Did Next
The adventures and musings of the senior interviewer of ESCInsight, Terry Vision... and his human, Ewan Spence

Takasa Official Website
A diverse group of musicians representing Switzerland at the 2013 Eurovision contest in Malmo with their song "You And Me"

Eurovision Wiki
A Wiki about the contest for fans, by fans. I am a co-admin there with my Facebook friend Rosie Owen

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